Early Days of Hex World

I had been working with my course mates to build a game that we had all decided has gotten too big for us to do. The game we were working on was a silly robot pirate game that we were building in Unreal Engine 4. We still wanted to make a game but this project seemed like it would never get off the ground. That’s when Riccardo came to us with a video of a white box, bouncing on a bunch hexagons.

We all took a liking to this idea, the mechanic of a reactive hexagonal world seemed like it would offer lots of possibilities. We decided on a few rules right away, we wanted to keep our scope simple so we decided the game needed to have a central focus on this interactive world mechanic.

We decided the game should focus on adventure and looked to old top down Legend of Zelda titles Terry Pratchett’s Disc World for what the personality of the game could be.

And that is how Hex World began, for a while I worked on some small parts of the game;

  • a tile trap similar to the ones found in A Link to the Past (they raise up and fly in your direction)
  • some world building tools for placing objects like trees and buildings far easier than we could before
  • a switch connector tool that allowed us to easily connect our switch tiles up to their receivers
  • a hovering tile that could be used to create temporary bridges and steps etc.

We took the opportunity to change from using UE4 to Unity for Hex World. We used C# rather than JavaScript for our scripting in Unity because each of us liked using C#.

We decided we wanted to compete in Microsoft’s Imagine Cup and we wanted to do so with this game, so we got to building the game ready to submit for the first stage of the competition in February 2016.

Here’s a look at some early days of Hex World:


Author: mfhartydev

I'm a programmer who loves games and has always dreamed of making them.

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