Hex World AI – Books Flying Once Again

The Simple AI system worked, with a few small issues that can be ironed out as time goes on and a few user friendliness features that could be added to make setup even easier the system could be considered as done.

The nice thing about the system is that it doesn’t need to be abandoned when using the 3D A* solution (should I remodel that system for the new Hex World) the simple AI can be layered on top of that solution, taking the destination vectors that A* gives for it’s paths and navigating to them using all of the simple AI’s features.

But that can come later. At this point the simple AI for Hex World is done, so why not take a look at how to put a character together ? With a little extra towards the end of the video:

And with that done I threw all the scripts onto a flying book enemy for Hex World, made a basic state machine behaviour script to make use of it all and put it all into Hex World in a scene using the new world system:


Author: mfhartydev

I'm a programmer who loves games and has always dreamed of making them.

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