Hex World AI – Books Flying Once Again

The Simple AI system worked, with a few small issues that can be ironed out as time goes on and a few user friendliness features that could be added to make setup even easier the system could be considered as done. Continue reading “Hex World AI – Books Flying Once Again”


Hex World AI – New World, Broken AI

With the announcement that Hex World had gotten through to the world finals of the Imagine Cup Riccardo, our resident world programmer, decided that he wanted to upgrade Hex World for the final stage. He had been thinking about how to bring Hex World from small individually loaded levels to vast sprawling worlds to explore. This meant breaking a lot of what the current world system of Hex World did and throwing away many of the constants we were all used to. Continue reading “Hex World AI – New World, Broken AI”

Hex World AI – Layers, How Do They Work ?

So at this point I had height factored into the system, awesome! The AI can find a path up a mountain without flying up the side, and can get back down without taking leap of faith. But here’s where things get messy. What happens if I cut into the mountain along the path ? Well with the system as it was it wouldn’t actually affect getting to the top of the mountain, which is great, who cares if there’s a crevice in the mountain if it’s not interfering with the path ? Continue reading “Hex World AI – Layers, How Do They Work ?”