Imagine Cup – UK Finals

We won! After getting through the stages of the Imagine Cup to get to the UK national finals we were announced as the winners of the Games Category! Continue reading “Imagine Cup – UK Finals”


Early Days of Hex World

I had been working with my course mates to build a game that we had all decided has gotten too big for us to do. The game we were working on was a silly robot pirate game that we were building in Unreal Engine 4. We still wanted to make a game but this project seemed like it would never get off the ground. That’s when Riccardo came to us with a video of a white box, bouncing on a bunch hexagons. Continue reading “Early Days of Hex World”


My Dissertation was GPU based generation and rendering of volumetricĀ terrain. The dissertation was based off of the ideas discussed in GPU Gems 3. The project explored the idea of creating a 3D scalar field to describe the terrain and then polygonise that scalar using various algorithms. Due to time constraints I was only able to explore one such algorithm (Marching Cubes) rather than the 3 I had intended (Marching Cubes, Marching Tetrahedra and Naive Surface Nets). The project was created using C++ and OpenGL (spefically the glfw library) and as a result glsl for the shaders. Continue reading “Dissertation”